Tuesday, July 5

Guest Post: Mental Cravings

[from the feisty mom at Her Manleyness]

Often I find myself craving food for my brain, you know, food for thought. Since I've become a stay at home mom, I find myself trolling facebook and blogs, looking desperately for something to read that is worth reading. If you've shared a link worth checking out, and you are lucky enough to be my friend (wink, wink), then I've probably read it. I just can't seem to get enough! I need mental stimulation!

I started to feel nuts looking for books to read that had wonderful plots and characters, without the muck and adult content that I would rather not have ingrained into my brain. It's hard to go off friend suggestions, because I've been disappointed by what they think is a good book, or that this "good book" has parts in it that need to be seriously edited. Thankfully, I have awesome family that saved me.

Lately, a couple of my sisters have sensed my need for some serious brain food. One lent me her Kindle to read the books she has stored on it. Listed were several Jane Austin books, which I am a little ashamed to admit, I have never read any of them. The other sister has updated her blog for me to read, because I begged and nagged until she did. A third sister even sent me an email with several links to articles she had found and wanted to share, and has also made a more concerted effort to keep her blog updated for me to read as well.

I am grateful for things to read to stimulate my brain, inform, entertain, and educate me. I am grateful for sisters that understand this need for stimulation and help me feed my brain cravings. I am most grateful for sisters who have good taste in reading choices.

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