Wednesday, April 20

Enough and To Spare

Today, I balanced the checkbook.

I could quit right there, with the grateful thought that it balanced, and be done, but there is more.

This task falls to me almost all of the time now, as I have more opportunities to do it than my more mathematical, linear-thinking half. It's a little tricky right now, as we are in the process of switching the bulk of our transactions from one bank to another.

This takes a lot of concentration and double-checking (especially after that $800 error with our tax return a few weeks ago...don't worry, it was in our favor, and we found it, and I am no longer grinding my teeth in my sleep at night), but it is done.

I am grateful for a computer monitor big enough I can have three windows open at once and still see everything I need to balance an accurate check register. I am grateful that, even though I got preoccupied and didn't balance the checkbook for three weeks, there is still enough and to spare between here and the next paycheck. I am grateful that, over the years, I have gotten better and better at this game, and make fewer and fewer mistakes. I am VERY grateful for Excel, which makes it SO MUCH easier to balance stuff than doing it with paper and pencil. Above all else, I am grateful the checkbook is balanced, that it actually balanced, and that I can think about something else...for a few days, anyway.

What are you blessed with today?


  1. I am so grateful for my wonderful mother. There are days like the past few when I know it is the Spirit speaking to me through her. When I am so caught up in my own predicaments that I cannot hear the promptings of the Spirit, she is the guiding light in the storm. She keeps the world real. I am so grateful for a mother who loves her children dearly, who shows me the way through her example and faith, and who is in tune with the Spirit in the times when I am not. I am eternally grateful that Heavenly Father knew how much I needed her to be my mother, and who placed us here together for that purpose. I cannot say enough how much I love and appreciate her. I hope that I can be half of the loving mother to my children that she is to me!

  2. Jenny, thank you for sharing that. I agree with you, both about your mother and mine!


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