Saturday, April 16

Big Cardboard Boxes

We spent a portion of our tax return on some nifty storage and organization schtuff. Packages have been arriving for the last couple of days. I am thrilled about getting things set up and being better organized and better stored (?).

For my children, however, the thrill is all in the packaging. Bubble wrap, yes, but more importantly: cardboard boxes. Big cardboard boxes. The same children who quibble and pester and get in each other's faces and each other's spaces are playing benignly and cooperatively and lovingly. For hours. Nay, days.

My living room is completely given over to Cardboard Town. Several unique structures - lovingly shaped by my good table knives and decorated by my colored markers - are all over the place. They have played Restaurant, Apartment Building, Post Office, and Library, not necessarily in that order. Some one even took a nap in "their box" this afternoon. Is this not perfect for rainy Spring days?

I am grateful for  big cardboard boxes. My children eschew contention and whining in the presence of them. I am willing to devote an entire room to this activity as long as the good times last. I am grateful for children with wild imaginations and active creative tendencies. Whilst I am busy organizing and Spring cleaning and humming to myself, I am grateful to know my children are equally happy and occupied.

What are you blessed with today?

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