Monday, April 4

Rainy Night

Last night was our first major storm of the season. It was a spectacular lightning show, crazy wind + pouring rain, and even some hail thrown in for good measure.

We drove home in it.

I really love stormy weather. It's so wild and raw and beautiful. Funny, I didn't once feel unsafe during the hour-and-a-half it took us to get home. I enjoyed the show, to be sure. We had to slow down a few times because the wipers couldn't keep up with the rain. But my husband is a very competent driver. I felt very confident in his ability and in the protection of my Father in Heaven. So as my children snoozed (or read) in the back, I watched the display put on by Nature.

I am grateful for rainy nights. I am grateful for safety. I am grateful when it's not me driving, so I can look out the window at the world around me, and enjoy the view. And I was really grateful to get home and crawl in to bed. It had been a long (but wonderful!) weekend, and sleep and I were long overdue for a get-together.

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